Priority Eagle-2020

A Application

Technology and Savvy Developed for Over Ten Years

When Priority Group acquired Bill Corbin's, major micro-

marketing savvy and technology were added to an already formidable line-up

of communication services: Online. On-Demand. Supporting the Eagle concept.

AND integrating physical products in automation campaigns.


Micro-Marketing System Infographic

More on How the Pieces Fit Together

Content Manager: Upload artwork, organize into campaigns that are auto-delivered.

  • Content creators can be your in-house team, the Eagle2020 in-house team, or contracted designers or agencies included authorized Eagle2020 content partners 

DataManager: Contact information for the designated eagles. Enter one-at-a-time or upload batches.

  • Can be direct entered by the Scouts or by your designated administrators.
  • Can operate in cooperation with an existing CRM

Campaigns: The road map for delivery of communication touches: Elements are:

  • Specifications for delivered products - postcards, letters, 3D mail, email
  • Timing of deliver -  days, months even years
  • Embedded "human prompts" -- reminder emails that guide scout personal touches during the campaign,

Below is an Infographic showing the elements of a campaign, in this case a short-duration blitz.

The Power of Physical Products

This system represents a technological breakthrough in seamlessly integrating physical products into automation campaigns. 

In today's marketing world, this breakthrough represents both communication power and competitive edge.

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Anatomy of a Campaign

This infographic shows a short-term campaign aimed at introduction to an Eagle.

The focus of the Eagle2020 concept is multi-month campaigns aimed at gradually building Memory of Value and person-to-person interaction.

A representative Eagle2020 campaign might begin with a letter or 3D product then follow with 12 monthly touches, mixing the media. Reminder emails are embedded as action prompts.

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