Priority Eagle-2020

A Application

Pricing / Launch


Initial Steps

  1. Preliminary Discussion to Assure Fit: Goals / Capabilities / Philosophy
  2. Proposal and Agreement to Proceed (often includes a test market)
  3. Roll-out Plan: Content, Research Methods, Timing

The Advantage of Timed Release Campaigns

     Even if we plan for a 12-touch campaign, we only need content a month at a time. This reality allows a phased launch, cost is phased as well. We can also fine-tune as we go. 

Most Eagle Campaigns are Custom

This section includes pricing guidelines, but it is best to think about a custom campaign.


      We typically start with a prototype campaign consisting of an introductory letter followed by 12 monthly postcards, with all postcards having original content. 

     Customization steps could include frequency:  Intro Letter and 6 cards, every other month.

     Customization can also include content:  At the extreme. Same content sent for each card, or...

3 cycles of 4 original cards.  4 cycles of 3 originals, etc. 

Pricing Guidelines

Scroll south to our table of pricing guidelines.  Explaining this table will be part initial dialog.

How Quickly Can We Be in Business

     The mechanics of the Eagle campaign can be in place in a week, easily.

The primary variable is content development, two weeks is certainly possible.

The third variable is the system and infrastructure that researches and declares the eagle.

So, a highly motivated launch could be done in two weeks; a month is very doable.