Priority Eagle-2020

A Application

Outside the Box Innovation


Innovation #1 - Not Currently Interested

The eagles that you seek are NOT ACTIVELY INTERESTED IN YOU.

You have done research regarding value and compatibility, but

the Eagles are currently successful and not actively seeking.

(Awareness of you -- i.e. warm vs. cold -- is helpful but not necessary.

Innovation #2 - Method of Communication

Communication includes value-based "drip" campaigns, but

does NOT rely on the automated email campaigns that

dominate much of today's relationship-based marketing.

Why? Email is a glutted medium declining in effectiveness.

Innovation #3 - Your Mindset

After researching (aka "declaring") a potential eagle, you will believe that...

"If this eagle understood my value, we could have a win-win relationship." 

It is your goal to gradually, systematically build awareness of your value.

Innovation #4 - Patience & Value Reminders

Your communication makes clear your ongoing interest.

You communicate aspects of your value with each touch.

Your call to action..."When the time is right for you to explore a change, let's talk."

Innovation #5 -- Awareness of Eagle Reality

If you are in a competitive, challenging field -- within  a year, a meaningful number of eagles will have a reason to consider alternatives: anger, frustration, restlessness, ambition, conflict, etc. Your goal is to be first-in-line for consideration.

Innovation #6 -- Exploiting Competitive Weakness

At its core, Eagle Micro-Marketing is a disciplined follow-up concept and...

American businesses are pathetic at follow-up, even with active but delaying prospects.

It will be years before Eagle Micro-Marketing is widely utilized, leaving the door open 

for you to be  first-in-line when an eagle becomes a seeker.

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