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A New Dimension: Winning LinkedIn Business

Addressing Time, Marketplace Noise and Memory of Your Value

 LinkedIn is a terrific community, but sheer popularity makes relationship traction tough. 


  • Our solution is a supplement to your current activity. 
  • The result is high-impact postcards or letters mailed to your connection.
  • You have created a memorable, stand-out touch in a noisy world
  • Your value story is reinforced
  • The product is a keeper, an important step toward Memory of Value

                         (Scroll south for example products) 

Level 1 is a single card, launched immediately

Level 2 is a multi-touch drip campaign, weeks or months.

We can discuss Level 2 after successful implementation of Level One

      or learn in depth at 

If you are working with a LinkedIn Consultant

  • Consultant will coordinate with Priority121 to convert your profile into postcard artwork.
  • Your account will be set up.
  • Individual new connections will be entered in the Priority121 system
  •  Physical products mail automatically, minimum order quantity ONE! 

If working directly with Priority121   

   submit the inquiry form, link below,, we'll talk through the steps. 


 $  75    one-time-setup    

$150     12 months software suppor   

$  75    minimum operating fund deposit

$300    total  

(cards or letters, $1.50, even if order is ONE; paid by replenishable online operating fund). 

Options:  $75 one-time system orientation.   $75 for one-to-one content training.   

Custom Artwork by Quotation 

Bonus Benefits: 

  • Our integrated CRM lets you organize and manage your selected LinkedIn contacts.  
  • We are strong developers of content for your memory-of-value story...we will work with your existing consultant or internal team to plan and archive campaigns.
  • You can use the system for ongoing relationship building, ex. newly earned clients. 

Scroll south for a brief video overview of Priority121 system's output capabilityand physical product examples

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