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Let's Partner in Adding Ideal Agencies

Network expansion meets every criteria for high-impact use of Eagle2020.

Agency owners are relatively easy to reach via human contact.

This usage has been tried and tested, with terrific results.

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Expanding Insurance Agency Networks


An Agency Owners Decision Cycle is Long & Complex.

There are many factors, some financial but some emotional. It is as important to be savvy about the emotional side as the business side. Our products and approach are ideal, helped by the fact that agency owners are relatively easy to reach with human touchess.

Intense Competition

Competition is intense and is heating up steadily. The Eagle2020 system is tailor made to meet and defeat competition.

Marketplace Noise / Memory of Value

 The marketplace noise of today's digital and traditional marketing venues is incredible. It is difficult to maintain Memory of Value through time. Eagle2020 is a pioneer in Memory of Value follow-up.

An Incredible Case Study (scroll south for sample content)

Two years ago, we applied the system to the ISU Insurance Agency Network growth campaign. Results and ROI were outstanding, including an all-time-best growth year. Success resulted from both multiple touches and partnering to sharpen the value story. 

Next Steps

We suggest that you watch the video below, browse the site, but then let's talk.

In a few minutes we can decide whether fit feels right and more detailed exploration is justified. 

Then let's talk!