Priority Eagle-2020

A Application

From the Eagle's Viewpoint

Here's Why Your Campaign Can Succeed

Life is good for the Eagle. Confident, effective, successful. Your initial contact is affirming and flattering.  You've studied the marketplace. This eagle is top tier. It's a good vibe. 

You communicate confidence that, if you worked together, there would be a terrific win-win. Genuine eagles are interested in terrific win-wins. That's what eagles do.

You are respectful of the eagle's current role -- recognizing the role of loyalty. You are patient, stressing that talks should begin when the time is right for the eagle. 

 You are... Flattering. Logical. Professional. Capable. Patient. The kind of person eagles appreciate.. 

So you patiently build and reinforce your value story, touch-by-touch, and patiently look for opportunities to deepen the personal relationship. 

And because life doesn't go perfectly, even for eagles, at some point a meaningful number (not all, but some) of your contacts will be interested in exploring a change.

And there you stand, likely first in line competitively, assuredly in the game. 

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