Priority Eagle-2020

A Application

Common Thread, Eagle Case Studies Below.

Clearly Defined Goals: Eagles' role and qualifications are well defined.

Value-Story Campaigns: Archived, ready on demand, one general or multiple focused.

Careful Research: One-by-one, often including an approval process to Declare an Eagle.

Multi-Month, Multi-Media Campaign: Person-to-person messaging, value and purpose reminders.

Human Contact embedded in the campaign, prompted by reminder email.

Case Studies Illustrating the Eagle

Sales Team > Key Accounts


Regional Bank: each of 25 development officers maintain at least 25 Eagles in the system. Sources include networking, trade publications, LinkedIn and referrals. Campaigns, monthly for 12 months. Four versions based on business status/size.

Channel Partners


National Insurance Network: Each of five regional vice-presidents identify independent insurance agency owners that meet criteria of size and ownership status. Send monthly value communication seeking a formal presentation. Sources: referrals, cold research, list-buy, events. trade publications.

Event Venue > Influencer


 Convention and Visitors Bureau: VP Marketing as spokesperson maintain multiple campaigns aimed at Eagle lists for corporate decision-makers, event consultants, and referral partners. Touches monthly, continuing.  

Local Economic Development


Local or regional relocation agencies maintain Eagle lists for prospective firms and for influencers. Multiple campaigns tailored to business type. Focus is memory of value and opportunity to submit proposals.

CEO Business Start-Up


Communication-Oriented CEO: Maintains Eagle lists for ideal target clients, potential employees, and influencers. Content is a combination of value story, progress report and opportunity for a win-win relationship. 

Franchisor > Motivated Explorer


Franchisor creates a lead category called Motivated Explorer -- an Eagle in terms of  potential, but a known long-delay in terms of decision -- the kind that get lost in normal CRM follow-up. Selects between 6 month and 12 month drip campaigns with action prompts. 

Top Producer Recruiting


 Sales Agency Recruiting: Owner of aggressive sales agency in high-turnover field maintains  Eagles lists of (1) high-potential prospects he failed to hire during first interview, (2) departed sales people he would welcome back, and (3) known industry high-producers. 

High-Ticket B2B


 The most natural application of the Eagle concept as high-ticket industries have high-ticket clients that are relatively easy to identifym and contact information is relatively easy to secure. Ongoing monthly drip is a natural tool with content blending value story and updates.


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International > US Trade


Utilizing the Eagle System's capability to deliver physical products anywhere in the US, the international capability fits businesses, economic development agencies or event venues wishing to maintain Memory of Value contact with prospects or influencers.

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