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Joe Straka's Priority Group, Inc. has evolved from an Indianapolis-based printing company into an omni-channel North American communication powerhouse.. Creative solutions utilizing a mix of technologies make Eagle2020 possible. Scroll south on this page for an overview video about Priority Group.  

After the Acquisition of...


With the 2019 acquisition of the Enfront Micro-Marketing System, the Priority Group line-up added an online, on-demand system that integrates physical products into automation campaigns.  Enfront founder Bill Corbin now serves as president of Priority One-to-One, creator of Eagle2020.

Inspired Eagle2020


Eagle2020 aims directly at two marketplace realities: Quality leads are tough to find, and marketplace noise is negatively impacting automation email marketing and related digital channels that rely on content marketing. The "Eagle" strategy aims directly at top tier leads.

Multi-Media Technology


A few years ago, there was a pitched battle between digital marketing and traditional marketing channels. Today it is clear that the either-or mentality was simply wrong. There is a role for multiple technologies and ability to mix and match is "king"  Example: Users of high-powered ABM (Account-Based Marketing) systems can use Eagle as a medium.

Thought Leadership


In the 1980s, Bill Corbin invented Unified Neighbors which morphed into Angie's List. His restless creativity introduced Enfront and its blend of innovation and technology. Eagle2020 makes full use of MEMORY OF VALUE, thought leadership developed by Corbin in the field of follow-up communication.

Prepared for a Dynamic New Role


The past five years have seen explosive growth and marketplace dominance of CRM and relationship-based marketing built around automated email campaigns. But glut was inevitable and effectiveness is dropping. MailChimp has added postcards to its marketing line-up. The implications are profound. Priority Group is ready to play.

The Evolution of Priority Group Inc.