Priority Eagle-2020

A Application

Innovation - Technology - Success


Definition: High-Value Relationship

  An individual or organization you have  identified as a 

potentially important contributor to your success. Among categories:

Clients  /  Channel Partners  /  Influencers

Your Requirements

- Your lifetime value of client is high

- You have a strong value story with competitive edge.

- You believe in the math of 80-20 contribution

- You have methods to research and identify "eagles"

- You will budget an ongoing contact initiative

The Eagle Angle

  A metaphor for valued traits:

- Eagles are the highest form of their species. 

Let's seek eagles, not sparrows.. 

- Eagles don't flock. You find them one-by-one.

They are worth a highly selective search strategy.

An Excellence Strategy

A combination of technology and innovation that

translates to systematic addition of quality relationships.

A proven method to add proven winners for the 2020s 

Competitive Edge

Despite a brutally competitive marketplace, 

this common-sense tactic is hiding in plain sight.. 

 Competitive advantage available in the arena of

disciplined relationship development. 

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